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Horse & Personal blog; My horses, my adventures, and my art.

Owning & Riding: 9 year-old black Percheron by the name of Jack; English, western, bareback, in-hand, and driving.
20 year-old brown and white leopard Appaloosa by the name of Kota Chrome; Western, bareback, and trail.
30 year-old POA rescue by the name of Chief (Or more fondly referred to as Pone); In-hand and pasture buddy.
Driving & Racing: Limited edition 1989 Pontiac Trans Am, 5.0L TPI 305 V8; all mechanics done by me.
Doing: Third-year Graphic Design concentration at Montserrat College of Art.
Carrying: Moleskine Notebook for fierce drawing skills, collage, and mixed media.
Boarding: A 8.0 Anti-Hero deck with Speedemon wheels, Thunder trucks, and Black Panther Speed bearings.
Listening: Bring Me The Horizon, I See Stars, and Paramore.


"Watch Me"© 21 December 2013
I took this picture of Jack before we went on the rainiest trail ride ever. He’s utterly perfect in every way.

Ben Maher and Cella in the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of London

"Like Father; Like Son"
June 2013
This is Jack and I (Left), and my best friend Gianna, and Levi (Right), before our open equitation and pleasure classes. This was at the Show-Off Equine Event in Schaghticoke, NY. (Levi is Jack’s first, and only son. Jack’s mate, Mystic, is his mother, and we keep their family together. We never separated them.) They are the best family. Levi got his father’s draft build and his mother’s quarter horse heartiness. Just look at those asses. A perfect combination of English and Western.©2013

"Watching the World Together"